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Help Resources
<div id='b24' class='eblock t_type' flock='0'><span style="color: #ff0000;">NOTICE: Following the latest guidance from VUMC regarding COVID-19, all REDCap in-person educational sessions (including introductory trainings, weekly help clinics, and monthly CDIS sessions) will NOT be held for the remainder of March or in April. Email support through <a style="text-decoration: underline;" href="" target="_blank"></a> will continue as usual. (Our team is evaluating other support formats as well and will communicate any updates to this announcement through Messenger.)</span></div> <div id='b20' class='eblock h_type' flock='0'>Q. I want to use REDCap, but I don't know where to start. What should I do?</div> <div id='b21' class='eblock t_type' flock='0'>REDCap is designed to be very user-friendly, so REDCap projects are essentially self-serve applications. You can build a project and work with the software right away. No sign-up, technical knowledge, or prior training is needed.<br><br> <p>To begin, visit <strong></strong> and login with your VUNet ID. Instructional text and video tutorials will guide you at every step of the project creation and development process.</p> <p>Tutorial videos are available on the Training Videos tab. The overview videos at the top are most helpful for new users.<br><br><span style="text-decoration: underline;">User Guide<br></span>Please see the next page in the menu on the right to find a Vanderbilt/Meharry REDCap <a title="" href="index.php?doc_id=24008" target="_blank">User Guide</a>. Be sure to let your colleagues know it is available!&nbsp;</p> <p><span style="text-decoration: underline;">In-person trainings</span><br>In-person trainings are currently suspended. You can view video recordings of past presentations/trainings&nbsp;<a href=";sc=rocket" target="_blank">at&nbsp;this link</a>. There is a general overview presentation (what REDCap is and why you might use it) and an Intermediate training that covers action tags, piping and customizations. If you need an introductory training, please go to that same link and complete the survey.&nbsp;</p></div> <div id='b18' class='eblock h_type' flock='0'>Q: How can I get help?</div> <div id='b14' class='eblock t_type' flock='0'>• <strong>Email <a title="" href="" target="_blank"></a></strong>, our Vanderbilt support team’s help desk. Most questions and issues can be resolved by email within 1-2 business days. Please include specific information in your email (e.g. your VUNet ID, the project title, details about the issue or error message). We can login to your project to see exactly what you see; we can then provide detailed guidance (screenshots, direct links) to help with any particular features you’re working with. <br><br>• <strong>Attend a help clinic.</strong>&nbsp;Our ~weekly user help clinics are a great opportunity to meet with a REDCap administrator in person, for one-on-one guidance. In-person help is only available during our clinics; our team is unfortunately unable to provide personalized consultations, private meetings, phone support, or teleconferences. To learn more, please review the section '<strong>What is a REDCap Clinic?</strong>' below. Additional learning opportunities are sometimes offered throughout the year and can be found on the <a title="" href="" target="_blank">CRC Workshops calendar</a> or <strong><a title="" href="" target="_blank">StarBRITE</a></strong>.<br><br>•<strong>Contact the Vanderbilt Data Core</strong> <strong>for fee-based assistance.</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;Forms development, training, custom software programming and other services are offered on a fee-for-service basis. Please email&nbsp;<a title="" href="" target="_blank"></a> for more information about rates and availability.</div> <div id='b22' class='eblock h_type' flock='0'>Q. What is a REDCap Clinic?</div> <div id='b23' class='eblock t_type' flock='0'>Clinics are essentially our office hours. At least one of our REDCap administrators will be available to answer any specific questions you have. Registration is not required. We provide laptops, but feel free to bring yours!&nbsp;<br><br> <p>Clinics are best suited to questions about features, functionality, or errors encountered in a project. There are no formal presentations, just open question/answer time.&nbsp; So please do have a basic understanding of REDCap before attending.</p> <p><strong>REDCap Clinics are usually held in the 2525 West End Avenue building, from 12:30-2pm on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays AND 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month. Check the <a title="" href="" target="_blank">StarBRITE calendar</a> for our complete schedule and room information.</strong> We strongly recommend you check the calendar the day of clinic, for possible cancellations. If a session is cancelled, it will NOT appear on the calendar.</p> <p><strong>Help is offered on a first-come, first-served basis</strong> (though we will certainly try to accommodate anyone under time crunches). You can stop by any time during the session; we'll be there the full time. Sometimes, arriving later in the session ensures a shorter wait time.</p> <p>We do our best to meet with everyone who attends. But if a session is very busy, or if attending a clinic isn't feasible for your schedule, then please contact us at&nbsp;<strong><a title="" href="" target="_blank"></a></strong> to address your questions via email.</p> <p><em>NOTE: We cannot validate parking tickets. We recommend taking the shuttle from the main campus; it stops at the back of our building's primary parking deck.</em></p></div> <div id='b19' class='eblock h_type' flock='0'>Q. I need immediate assistance with my problem. What should I do?</div> <div id='b16' class='eblock t_type' flock='0'><strong>Email <a title="" href="" target="_blank"></a></strong><strong>, and flag your message as high priority.&nbsp; </strong>This is the most reliable and fastest way to reach our entire team. We route and track every message to ensure issues are logged and resolved within the next 1-2 business days. Requests are monitored during normal business hours (Monday through Friday).<br><br>Please note that our team receives many requests marked 'urgent'. Due to the sheer volume of requests, our team uses their discretion and experience to determine the relative urgency of each message and prioritize our work queue. As a general guideline, our team can reply most quickly to messages which include SPECIFIC INFORMATION about the issue, your VUNet ID, and the project title (if applicable).</div>
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