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Data Access Policy and Process
<div id='b10' class='eblock h_type' flock='0'>These data are available for research studies via Controlled Access. Please read the Access Policy and follow instructions below to apply for access.</div> <div id='b12' class='eblock h_type' flock='0'>Access Policy</div> <div id='b13' class='eblock t_type' flock='0'>Data access is currently limited to eMERGE Network members. &nbsp;</div> <div id='b2' class='eblock h_type' flock='0'>Application Form</div> <div id='b14' class='eblock m_type' fcontent='%5B%7B%22file_id%22%3A300862%2C%22caption%22%3A%22%28Click%20here%20to%20add%20your%20caption.%29%22%2C%22filename%22%3A%22EMERGE_Manuscript_Concept_Sheet.doc%22%2C%22size%22%3A70144%2C%22time%22%3A1464881575.688%2C%22hidden%22%3Afalse%7D%5D' fnote='' fmode='0' fmparams='%7B%22previewSize%22%3A%22sm%22%7D'></div> <div id='b4' class='eblock h_type' flock='0'>Application Instructions</div> <div id='b15' class='eblock t_type' flock='0'>To request access to eMERGE CERC Survey data please follow the following process.<br><br>1.) Complete the eMERGE Manuscript Concept Sheet (MCS) above<br>2.) Submit the MCS to Brianne Brucker Derveloy (<br>3.) The MCS will be processed and sent to group co-chairs for review/approval.<br> <ul> <li>Review is to determine there are no overlapping projects in process.</li> <li>We strongly recommend a biostatistician with experience in complex sampling design be included as an author</li> </ul> 4.) After a two week review period, applicants will be contacted with further information.</div> <div id='b9' class='eblock h_type' flock='0'>Acknowledgement Text</div> <div id='b11' class='eblock t_type' flock='0'><span style="color: #003366;"><strong>Any use of these data requires the following acknowledgement text on publication or presentation:</strong></span></div> <div id='b1' class='eblock t_type' flock='0' fnote='undefined'>The CERC Survey project within the eMERGE Network was initiated and funded by NHGRI with additional funding by the NIH Office of the Director through the following grants: U01HG006828 (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center/Boston Children’s Hospital); U01HG006830 (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia); UOIHG006389 (Essentia Institute of Rural Health, Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation and Pennsylvania State University); U01HG006382 (Geisinger Clinic); U01HG006375 (Group Health Cooperative/University of Washington); 3U01HG006379 (Mayo Clinic); U01HG006380 (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai); 3U01-HG006388 (Northwestern University); U01HG006378 (Vanderbilt University Medical Center); and 3U01HG0006385 (Vanderbilt University Medical Center serving as the Coordinating Center).</div>
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