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User Guide
<div id='b7' class='eblock t_type' flock='0'><h2><em>This page is no longer supported or updated. <br>Please visit&nbsp;;to view the new Vanderbilt/Meharry REDCap FAQ page.</em></h2></div> <div id='b5' class='eblock m_type' fcontent='%5B%7B%22file_id%22%3A1323920%2C%22caption%22%3A%22%28Click%20here%20to%20add%20your%20caption.%29%22%2C%22filename%22%3A%22Vanderbilt%20Meharry%20REDCap%20User%20Guide%20v7.2.pdf%22%2C%22size%22%3A14979214%2C%22time%22%3A1638974878%2C%22ancestor%22%3A833787%2C%22hidden%22%3Afalse%7D%5D' fmode='0' fmparams='%7B%22previewSize%22%3A%22sm%22%2C%22groupLabel%22%3A%22%22%7D'></div> <div id='b6' class='eblock t_type' flock='0'><span style="color: #ff0000;">Psssst</span> - are you more of a visual learner? If so, feel free to check out the additional training videos on our <a href="index.php?doc_id=10651" target="_blank">Help Resources page</a>. Many of them include demonstrations on how to create a simple survey, field embedding, how to use CDIS, etc. Simply scroll down to the bottom of that page to find those video links.</div>
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